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Home Security Sensors

Home Security Sensors

Home security sensors are a critical component of a home alarm system. It is extremely important that homeowners understand the types of security sensors available to them. This attention will allow homeowners to make an informed decision when purchasing the right type of security to meet their needs.


Window and glass sensors


The most common type of safety sensors used are window and glass sensors. This unit detects vibrations when a window or door is open. If this unit is connect to a home alarm system when a window or door is open, it will activate the alarm.


There are also glass break detectors, so this device is design to respond to sounds or vibrations from broken glass. When placed in a window, the alarm is activate when the glass is broken.

Motion sensors:

Another type of home security sensor is an electronic motion detector. In short, this type of sensor detects motion and converts it into an electrical signal that is sent to a base when motion is detect. Most motion sensors can identify movements up to 15-25 meters (50-80 feet). If a motion detector is connected to a home alarm system when motion is detect, it will turn off the alarm.

There are 3 main types of technology used in motion sensors. The first type of motion detector is called a passive infrare (“PIR”) sensor. This sensor looks for body heat. The second type is called a microwave sensor. This detector sends microwave pulses and looks for changes in the frequency that are sent back. The last type of motion sensor is called an ultrasonic sensor. This uses radio waves or sound and will look for changes in the echo received from the sensor.



With technological advances, there are motion sensors design to ensure that things like insects, pets roaming the house or waking up at night to use the bathroom do not turn off the alarm.


Heat detector


A heat detector is a fire detection device and is activate when thermal energy rises. There are two main types. The most common is the fixed temperature detector. This unit is set to a fix temperature, and when the thermal energy reaches this fix temperature, it triggers an alarm. The second is an ascent rate unit and is activate when there is a rapid temperature rise of 12 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit (6 to 8 degrees Celsius) per second. Minute.


It is imperative to choose the right type of home security sensor that meets your needs. Understanding what each type of sensor does allows homeowners to maximize the security provided by their home alarm system.

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