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Garage Parking Sensor


Garage Parking Sensor

Probably most of us are guilty of having a smaller than organized garage. Perhaps this is an understatement. For some, the garage is not just a home for our car, but also a place to store bikes, sports equipment, tools, farm equipment, . And the spiritually loved garage sales find. Many of us have undoubtedly experienced the challenge of trying to lighten your oversize SUV in the narrow lane left without scratching the paint or riding on your daughter’s bike.


So What is the solution? Well, an easy way to solve this problem is to install a parking sensor for the garage. A parking sensor in the garage is like a monitoring system for your vehicle. It stands on the ground or hangs on the wall and guides you to the exact spot where you need to park, advises you when to park so you are always in the right place. These handy devices come in a variety of styles, from a simple strategically placed neon stop sign to high-tech laser-controlled systems. You could even make your own by spending no more than a tennis ball on a string hanging from your garage ceiling. The best allows you to park even in the smallest and tightest spots with little effort and no scratches on your glossy paint job.


Features to look for in a garage parking sensor:


o So Easy to see, even in the dark



Integrated on / off sensors


Automatic activation


Easy to use and install


Adjustable for vehicles of different heights




One of the best is the Park-Zone. It’s an ultrasonic sensor that acts like a traffic light so you know where to park each time.So Just hang the sensor at the correct height.  The three lights guide you inside, green when you enter the garage, yellow . When it’s almost there, and red when yours has to stop. It couldn’t be easier. Automatically detect movement and turn on.


For those who want something simple, there is Park N Place. This is basically a stop sign with a flashing red light on a flexible bar. So Just place it where you want your front bumper to stop. No other installation is required.


Regardless of what you choose, be it laser-guided technology or a bullet on a string, your car will be much easier to park if you rely on a parking sensor instead of guesswork.

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