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Light sensor technology

The light sensor technology is a passive device so that converts this “light energy”, either visible

or in the infrared parts of the spectrum, into an electrical signal output.so that Light sensors

are more commonly known as “photoelectric device” or “photo sensors” because

they convert the energy from light (photons) into electricity (electrons).

Pressure sensor technology

A pressure sensor is a stratagem so that perceives a strength exercised on an external

(pressure) and translates it into a microelectronic indication whose métier is

comparative to the métier of the strength. … Absolute pressure sensors measure

pressure relative to absolute zero, which is only found in vacuum.

Proximity sensor technology

A proximity sensor  is a device so that can detect or register the proximity or presence

of objects in the vicinity, and for this it does not need physical contact.

Inductive – This type of sensor is use to detect nearby metal objects. … so that The sensor

fashions an electromagnetic ground everywhere herself or on the instrument exterior.

Temperature sensor technology

Therefore A temperature sensor is an electronic device so that measures the temperature of its

environment and converts input data into electronic data to record, monitor, or

signal changes in temperature. There are many different types of temperature sensors.

Ultrasonic sensor technology

An ultrasonic sensor is an electronic device so that measures the distance from a

target object by emitting ultrasonic waves and converts the reflected sound into an

electrical signal.Beacuse Ultrasonic waves move faster than the speed of sound (so that is, the

sound that humans can hear)

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